Welcome to the site where I hope to build a case for returning psychiatry to its historical roots in the medical model as formalized in the late 19th century by Kraepelin and other European psychiatrists as well as tracing time honored descriptions of clinical pictures such as classic melancholia and mania from antiquity to present day patient care.

Concepts of the medical model missing from the current practice of psychiatry are that of Diagnostic Hierarchy and Diagnostic Validators, neither of which are components of the DSM, but will be discussed in detail in future blogs.

When psychiatry is viewed through the larger lens of history (see sources: Hannah Decker, Edward Shorter, Nassir Ghaemi, Ann Herrington and others) we see that our current view is severely limited by the DSM at a cost to our patients.

– Dr. Hunter Yost


Dr. Hunter Yost

About Hunter Yost MD

Hunter Yost MD is board certified in Psychiatry and Neurology. He has over 25 years experience in hospital and outpatient settings in psychiatric practice with adults and adolescents. He has published on Mixed States and Adolescent Suicide Risk inĀ Psychiatric Times.

He is licensed in the following states: Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada.

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