Hunter Yost MD

25 years

Dr. Yost’s Background

Dr Hunter Yost, in a career renaissance after 25 years as a psychiatrist, has retrained through multiple CME courses over the past five years at in what can be called classical psychiatry, prioritizing basic clinical research as best exemplified in the 2007, two volume, 1100-page tome, Manic-Depressive Illness – Bipolar Disorders and Recurrent Depression by Goodwin and Jamison and more recently in the 2019 Clinical Psychopharmacology – Principals and Practice by Nassir Ghaemi MD.

This retraining includes the concepts of a Diagnostic Hierarchy and Diagnostic Validators used in other medical specialties and published for psychiatry over 40 years ago but not adopted by the DSM. Experts in other fields of medicine know that a valid diagnosis cannot be based on symptoms alone, as promoted in the DSM. The mood temperaments, Hyperthymia, Cyclothymia and Dysthymia are also included.

Also included in classical psychiatry is the recently rediscovered clinical presentation of Mixed Depression, described since the late 19th century, comprising 60% of all depressive illness while pure depression and mania comprise only 20% each. Clinical studies over the past several decades indicate that antidepressants can aggravate mixed depression, increase suicidality or have no effect.


University of Nebraska College of Medicine, Omaha, NE.  
AZ Health Sciences Center, General Internship, Tucson, AZ
Psychiatric residency, Department of Psychiatry, Arizona Medical School, Tucson AZ


Mixed Features, Suicide, and Adolescents at Risk

Psychiatric Times
Psychiatric Times Vol 36, Issue 9
Volume 36
Issue 9

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